Grosvenor House is West facing with stunning and ever changing views, far across to Hay Bluff and the Black Mountains in Wales, and, to the North, Clee Hill near Ludlow and Shropshire beyond.

Our nights are starry, with very little light pollution, and our sunsets are to live for!

A very short walk to the end of our quiet road and you are onto the many miles of hill paths.

We love this long ridge of hills, we walk on it almost every day, rain or shine, with our beloved mutt, and, every day it is different and brings us joy.

From the Beacon and along the ridge, there is the most incredible 360 degree perspective that has been inspiration for many an artist, poet and rambler, not least, Elgar, Roget (who is buried in our local graveyard), Tolkien, Darwin and C.S. Lewis, who was inspired by our romantic gas lights.

it is truly beautiful here.